Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Super Powers

We have a new spiffy Target in town. It has a new layout that I am getting used to. Everything is still clean and if I HAVE to shop - it is my favorite place to go. Last night I took Tanner there to buy some new shoes. HE found the ONLY pair of spiderman tennis shoes in the whole store - in his size laying on the floor. I was hoping for something less powerful looking - like fake chucks. But wow! Was he ever excited about the spiderman shoes. I guess I only have a few more shoe buying trips where he will pick out super hero shoes (I hope.) So we put the shoes in the cart and we did a loop around the store towards the exit.

At the end of the food aisle is the frozen food section. Picture Lots of freezers with the see-through glass. And they are dark. Target is "green" and doesn't have the freezer lights on all the time. But Tanner notices that if he walks in front of them - the lights magically turn on.  He starts slowly, testing his "powers". Every time he steps into an aisle half of the lights brighten the cases of food. He steps further into the aisle and the remaining freezers are illuminated. He holds out his arms as if they have the power of Moses' staff or Harry Potter's wand. Luckily, we were the only ones in that corner of the store and he was able to light up the entire section. He was incredibly excited. I was laughing. I was wishing I could somehow take a picture of the whole experience. 

As we walked toward the registers to pay for his new shoes, he talked about his super powers. I felt kind of like a kid walking out of an elevator, having pushed all the buttons.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

May Dance

Hannah came home from school one day in April, distraught over the plans for their "May Dance". She is on student council and was concerned about the lack of planning that was happening. She asked if I would join with some of the other Moms and help plan it and make it happen. The girls drew a picture of what they wanted the gym to look like and I am happy to report that we made it happen. I love the other moms that we worked with and the girls had a good time. Eliza didn't appreciate the 3 hours of decorating - but Tanner thought it was a party!

We made 6 of these lanterns. The girls mixed the cement with their hands. The paper lanterns were lit up with battery lights. The post is pvc pipe. 
Hannah and her friends
Eliza and her friends
My girls. 
I went over during the dance to help with concessions. Wow! There was a wide range of clothing there. It looked like the red carpet at a Hollywood awards show. There were dresses of all shapes and sizes. My girls looked gorgeous and I was thankful we were able to find cute modest dresses.  

Friday, May 8, 2009


The title would indicate something big. These are the big things happening at our house.

Eliza got a new "do".
It makes her look older and I am not sure how I feel about that. 

Hannah got her braces off.

Yahoo! Funny how the braces came off as soon as the last payment for them was made. . . Coincidence? I think not. Beautiful? Yes.

These two beauties are not written about much in my blog. When this was pointed out to me - I asked one of them about some recent events and asked if she would like me to write about them. She screamed and laughed "NO!" So I just want to publicly declare my love for these two incredible people in my life who I try not to embarrass.  They help me survive when Steve is gone. They make me laugh. They make me think. They amaze me with their kindness and their big brains. I hope they never question my love for them as they question why they are not written about in the blog. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Song Gives Hope

We gotta be polite today
Surprise mom with a song for her birthday
We gotta do right for our family
We gotta be polite

This is the sweet little song Hannah and I heard while standing outside Tanner's room. He had been sent in there for being mean (hitting someone). We had to hide so that he wouldn't see us. The song kept going but this is all that I wrote down after we got caught and he stopped singing. 

It gives me hope that one day he will not think that hitting is an appropriate way to get girls attention.