Friday, October 31, 2008

Weekend in Utah

I took a very quick trip to Utah last weekend. There was not a moment of down-time from the time I arrived until the time I got back on the plane - except for a 15 minute nap I took at my Grandma's house on Sunday. Every minute was wonderful. Every minute was spent with people I love and miss when I am home.

I was so happy to finally see Mom and Dad Lange's new home. It is perfect for them. It was great to see them and Hilary. It is fun to picture the Nobis cousins walking down the street to see them whenever they want. (And I do have to picture it in my mind - because I didn't take any pictures of the Nobis cousins!)

I loved my first glimpse of our nephew Tyler. He was born in July. His brother Zack was anxious for me to count his fingers - all eleven of them! Jake showed me his Harry Potter puppet and Rachel told me a secret. (shhh. Rachel was going over to Grandma's that afternoon to bake cookies - she was hoping for peanut butter!)
I got to see Nora and Jonah and their new big-kid beds! They impressed me with their fast running, sharing and reading. My favorite - was when Nora put a book in time-out. I think that is what they do - when they have a toy they both want at the same time - so they don't fight over it. Smart parents to teach them that.
Jenny and I went to dinner and she was gracious to make some other visits with me. 

We went to see the Caldwells - where I got to meet Matt and Noah. The only picture I have of that visit - is of Mallory in her wedding dress - I didn't think I should post that here - since she is getting married in December. . . It was wonderful to see them.

Jenny also got us tickets to Glenn Beck. He gave a great 1 hour show about the state of the world. It all come down to - use common sense, you CAN make a difference and the only person we can REALLY trust is GOD.  

I am still waiting for the Woods to announce that they are moving back to Ohio. . . 
We celebrated my Grandma's 97th birthday. I wish this was a better picture. It was great to see my Maughan cousins. We missed you Matt. When we sang "Happy Birthday" Grandma requested that we not add "And Many More". No one did. But she could. She is wonderful. It was great to get a hug from her. 
The MOST exciting moment of the trip came when we (My Mom, Dad and sister Jenny) gathered in Nate's (Brock's friend) living room and he opened his mission call!!!! He is going to the Tacloban Philippine mission. 

What are the chances that in July we would schedule this trip to Utah on the very day that he would receive his call in the mail?  Brock let us know in the morning that the call had arrived. He carried it around from noon until after football practice at 5. WOW. I had the joy of being with my sister for the 5 hours before he opened his call. It reminded me of the the Christmas Eves when we would all sleep in the same room and try to pass the time because we couldn't fall asleep. SOOOO much excitement. 

I witnessed a tender mercy from the Lord. He let Jenny be there in person. It didn't have to work out that way. Everyone would still have been just as excited. But it was a blessing to see the mom who: helped him run football drills, ironed his white shirts, guided him in his eagle project, and made sure he got to church every Sunday; it was wonderful to watch that mom watch him open his mission call. Brock will be a great missionary. I am so proud of him.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Camping - Lange Style

Lange Style Camping consists of: Arriving at friends camp site at 10am, taking pictures of children in front of friend's tents, cooking hotdogs over the campfire, hiking around camping area, roasting marshmallows, eating smores, And packing up and going home at dark, sleeping in own beds inside warm home.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Grace's Baptism and Confirmation

Grandma Lange came from Utah to be with us for Grace's Baptism and confirmation. She gave Grace this cozy blanket to remind her of her baptism date and to remind her of the comfort the Holy Ghost will give her if she asks.
Grandma and Grandpa VK came from Alabama and Rudy came from Chicago. They brought her new scriptures and a CTR ring. We love having family around. 
Steve baptized and confirmed Grace. We were so thankful to have Grandpa and many friends join in the confirmation circle. I wish I had a picture of Grace with all the priesthood holders who participated. She has so many good examples of good men in her life.

Susan Spoke about the Holy Ghost and gave Grace a huge orange lolli-pop. She talked about the gift and the experiences Grace would miss out on if she never opens the lolli-pop. She compared that to the gift of the Holy Ghost. To receive the gift of the Holy Ghost we need to do our part and ask for his help.

We are thankful that Grace is baptized and thankful for all the friends and family who shared with us this special day. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Goosebumps and Tears

Go to and click on the video for "Janice Kapp Perry Birthday". You will see what I mean. 

I am so thankful that Brock earned a place on this team. (He's the tallest one on the front row.)

There was also a GREAT article in USA Today today about the team. It is a team like no other.