Thursday, February 11, 2010

Forgotten Fun

We moved into this house 5 years ago. Tanner was a baby and had major throw up issues. Anytime he cried - he projectile vomited. We dutifully cleaned everything the best we could - but after a year of lots of throw-up and spilled milk - our carpet looked and felt horrible.

I co-hosted a baby shower at my house and was so happy when my friend, Catherine blew up 50 balloons and just threw them on my floor. It covered up the mess and I was tempted to keep the balloons there permanently.

We made a plan to replace the family room carpet when Tanner turned 5. We assumed by then it would be safe. So during the fall, we shopped for carpet and found the softest carpet we could in our price range. It took a while to get the carpet in - so we anticipated the change for about a month.

The weekend before the carpet was put in - Hannah and her friends colored a little bit on the old carpet and then colored a lot on it with permanent marker. They were giddy. It was like watching 3 year olds finger paint for the first time. The next morning, Tanner was shocked to see the carpet colored - but anxious to add his own picture. Everyone who entered our home that weekend - signed the carpet. I loved looking at it for the 48 hours we had until it was changed. I don't think we will start a trend (I love my new soft carpet) but the markered carpet was so much more fun to look at than the boring, awful, stained carpet we lived with for 4 years. Maybe I should have let them color it earlier.

By the way, Tanner christened the carpet about a month ago when he had the flu. Thanks to stainmaster - it cleaned up beautifully.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day!

Second Snow day of the school year. I'm already at "make your own hot chocolate and I'm taking a nap" mode. Perhaps, I would be in a better mood if the school district would call the snow day before my poor seminary students made their way to my house. Most of my own children were wide-awake and ready to go for the day. Perhaps I am grumpy because my sweetheart may get stuck in NYC tonight. Preemptive worry, disappointment and grumpiness are my downfall. I think the Book of Mormon calls them "vain imaginations."

So I am taking a deep breath and changing my mood and locking myself in my room to read a new book, Jenny sent me. The book is "Left to Tell" about the Rwandan holocaust. Not a happy-go-lucky kind of book - but an incredible story of hope during worse things than a snow day. I think my children will be glad I did. Thanks Jenny for the escape that I need today!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Never Too Late

Is this too late to remember Christmas? Holy Moly, I think there are still some Christmas trees lit - and there are still Christmas lights up around town - so I will not feel bad about this.

We went to Alabama for Christmas. We usually go there right after Christmas - but this year all of my siblings were going to be there.
Can you see the beautiful weather? Even with the colder than usual temperatures - it was still a break from the Ohio gray winter we love here.
This is the whole family at "Dreamland". Great BBQ in Birmingham. They claim to be the best - but we have never really tested that claim for ourselves. . . maybe a project for our next trip!
Christmas morning. We were all excited to talk to Brock who is in the Philippines on a mission for our church. Tanner was as patient as he could be while the Stringhams talked to Brock, and he waited to open presents. Breakfast was a good distraction. Grandma and Grandpa have always had a big breakfast on Christmas morning that had to be cooked, eaten and cleaned up before we could open presents. They tried to teach me patience and the excitement of anticipation. I mostly remember having a stomach ache. Steve and I have modified the tradition a bit. But it was fun to experience it as a parent.
On Christmas Eve, we had a surprise visit from Santa! He gave all the grandkids Alabama t-shirts and listened to their wish lists. Everyone was so happy to see him and talk to him.

The best part of the visit was hearing the cousins all laughing together and enjoying each other. Thanks Mom and Dad for a great Christmas!