Monday, February 16, 2009

Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah!

There were lies told yesterday in Primary. And my children are responsible for them. 

Our primary presidency gave each family a spotlight sheet to fill out at the beginning of the year. One Sunday afternoon while Steve and I were napping ( I love our new early schedule!) my sweet children sat around the kitchen table and filled out the "Lange Family" spotlight. Here are some highlights:

Who are the people in your family?
Mom, Dad, H, E, G, T and a dead pet fish

Where are your favorite places to visit?
Alabama, Utah and Canada  (We have never been to Canada.)

What is a favorite family Christmas tradition?
Lighting the menorah (Do I need to explain? While we do believe in the miracle that the menorah represents, we don't have one in our home. . . )

What are your favorite things to do together as a family?
Go to separate rooms and watch TV. (To be honest - this is not a lie - we do enjoy TV and we don't usually all sit in the same room while watching it -- but do you think I would have put this down if I had been the one to fill this paper out??????  NO WAY!)

So when we read this together as a family we all laughed a lot and I tucked the paper away thinking I need to ask for a new one. So you can imagine my surprise when Grace told me we were the spotlight family. HMMM.  .  . I think Steve got a big chuckle out of this one. 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Steve  told me today that I am complicated. (in a very loving way.) I don't appreciate flowers. I don't wear jewelry. And I am trying not to eat sweets. So I think special occasions are made difficult for him - in trying to find a gift that pleases. The easy gifts are not things I appreciate. 

However, as I explained to him, I love his everyday gifts. He does laundry. He irons his own shirts. He is a great father. He encourages me to do challenging things. He loves our children and he loves me. Not to mention that he provides for all of us financially and gives me the joy of being home. So flowers don't make me weak in the knees. And glittery jewelry is soooo tiny for the price. (I'd rather have new furniture.)

But my heart does beat faster when I hear the garage door open at the end of the day. And he is still my favorite person in the world to spend time with. So Happy Valentine's Day Babe. I am thankful that you give me precious gifts every day of the year.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sound of Silence

So there is a woman of a questionable state of mind who has intentionally given birth to 8 babies. At first the media was in a frenzy. So excited about this news. Then they found out that this woman doesn't have a husband or the financial means to care for these babies.

People are questioning the ethics of the doctors. People are questioning her motives. She may appear on Oprah or other major networks for a fee. 

What I want to know is - Where are all the "women activist groups" to support her decision. If it was a woman who wanted to have 8 abortions and the media was criticizing her - there would be lines of women outside the hospital with signs of support. There would be women on the news talking about her rights to make decisions about her body. Because they think it is all about the woman - not the future of the babies. SO WHERE ARE THEY?

If you know me - you know where I stand on abortion. And I think this case makes my position even stronger. It IS all about the babies - Not about selfish women. The silence speaks volumes.