Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Lesson

Tanner has had several Easter lessons this week. At school, at home and at church. He's not really grasping that Jesus was killed. When his teacher in primary talked to his class about Jesus being nailed to the cross - Tanner questioned why they didn't use tape.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Women

Tonight, I took my girls to see the musical "Little Women" at Pickerington Central. We know some of the students in the play. So you might say I am biased - but it was awesome!

I was greatly surprised by the humor in the script and the acting and singing were great. So if you live close by - I highly recommend it! It is playing Friday and Saturday at 8pm.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Goodbye February

It has been a long month. I know it is really the shortest month of the year. But February 1st was 4 snowstorms, 5 snow days and 28 days of little sun ago. Each of these pictures deserves a post but the month is over and I need to let February go. It is time to move on.

We ended the month with a bang. We had about 20 seminary students over for dinner and a movie. We watched "The Testament." I loved our discussion after the movie. I had prepared to focus on the students and their joy of living close to our Savior. Very quickly the discussion turned to their desire to share the gospel with their friends. They always exceed my expectations. These kids are amazing.

The most life changing experience of the month took place when Tanner realized that he loves being out in the snow and loves sledding. It was wonderful to watch him and Grace go sledding on the hill in our backyard. Five is a magical age. He is able to do so many things on his own now. I love it!
I believe this has been the snowiest February on record for central Ohio. We had a total of 5 snow days, 2 two-hour delays and one early dismissal. Steve came home early (5pm) one night and spent the evening on the hill with the kids. Eliza and I stayed inside sipping hot chocolate. We were all happy.
Grace and Steve attended the Father-Daughter dance at Grace's school. There is always a theme and my dear husband is always so good to dress the theme. He has dressed up like a guy form the 50s, 60s, and has been a cowboy and a movie star. This year's theme was a night in the Orient. Steve and Grace enjoyed dinner with several friends before the dance. I hope my girls will always be this wise in who they choose to date.