Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Seventeen Years Ago. . .

You could not have told me that life would get better than it was. You could not have told me that the sleeves on my wedding dress were too poofy. You could not have told me that my hair was too big. You could not have convinced me that I could love Steve any more than I did then. But I do. 

Seventeen years ago, I could not have imagined the joy these 5 people would bring to my life. This life I am living is better than the life I dreamed of when I was seventeen. Thank you sweetheart for helping me laugh when I get too serious. Thank you children for being so patient while I learn this mothering thing. You are the best!

P.S. Someone asked what Steve gave me for our anniversary. He organized the seminary room, hung up the white board and cleaned out 4 cupboards of toiletries. And he made me promise not to stash anymore half used products. To my defense - due to his line of work - lots of products end up on my bathroom counter that I don't request or purchase. . . but I do promise. Thank you for helping me with my projects.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

He's Four

Wow! This boy is loved! 
He had a great day with calls from loved ones and visits from friends and lunch with his sisters and Rudy. The Greens came over for cake and ice cream.  
Four things I love about this boy:
* He tells me, "You're the best!"
* He always wants to pray. 
* He sings to himself when he is playing.
* He says great words like "mo-lawner" for lawn-mower 

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Lange!

August 3rd was the big day - but I didn't make it to the computer to wish her a happy birthday. Happy Birthday Mom! 
This family picture has taken on new significance since a year ago when it was taken. Mom And Dad have moved from Heber. We can no longer describe them as our Heber Grandma and Grandpa. We will miss their wonderful neighbors, Dairy Keen, the best side of Timpanogas and drives through Provo canyon. But we are thankful they are close to all the family in Salt Lake and we look forward to visits there. 
Thanks Mom for all you do for our big family!