Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Your Birthday, Hannah!

Hannah has had an eventful year. She went to Amsterdam and Paris with all the Van Kampens. She spent a few weeks in Utah with the Langes and attended BYU Volleyball camp. She was thrilled to be in Utah when her newest cousin, Tyler was born. She went to girls camp for the second year. She helped me stay awake and alert on our drive to and from Alabama. She played on the 8th grade volleyball team. She ran for and made student council. She earned a spot on the yearbook staff. She babysits a lot. She is now doing stats for the wrestling team and is in a select band that will perform in December. 

She is a busy girl doing great things. More importantly, she is a wonderful daughter. She enjoys the benefits and suffers the brunt of being the oldest child. She is a kind older sister who is still amused by her younger siblings. We love her and hope this is a wonderful year.
Hannah with cousin Nora. 
Hannah with her volleyball teammates. These girls saw a lot more of Hannah than we did this fall. This team of girls work great together and made watching volleyball a blast. 

Monday, November 3, 2008

Goooo Cougars!

Ok - these pics are in reverse order. . . but you will get the feel for the exciting day we had. It was gorgeous weather and the stadium was sold out. 

After the game, we waited for Brock by the locker room. He came out and signed autographs. 

Dad, Mom, Jenni and Me. The last BYU game I was at - where I took a picture like this was September 1990 at the BYU - Miami game and we beat them. This win was just as exciting.

The night before the game we went to the football fireside. All the players sang "We'll Bring the World his Truth." Coach Mendenhall and his wife gave great talks. And one of the players also spoke. They spoke about being disciples of Christ. It was wonderful to hear all of them talk about football in a real-life perspective. They had just lost to TCU. Coach Mendenhall spoke about their QUEST for perfection. He said some peoeple who don't really get what they are about - will think that the quest is over. But it is not. Their quest for perfection is in every aspect of their lives and is about always improving and doing their best. 

I didn't post a picture of it here but the inside of the door to the locker room says "RETURN WITH HONOR" I love this team.