Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowdayy.! by Hannah

So as you can see we have gotten a lot of snow and ice. School got cancelled around ten last night and mom cancelled her seminary class around four yesterday. Grace had a sleep over last night also assuming we wouldn't have school. This morning I made cookies for breakfast, they were delicious. Above are just some of the pictures I took of the icicles. At least we have power today. 
 Okay so while I'm on I'll give you an update on me. This week i officially dropped out of band, because I wasnt planning on going to New York at Thanksgiving or to South Pas for the New Year when im a freshman. Wrestling season is almost over(I was a stat), I'm sad, but glad its over. Overall, I'm good, happy, enjoying 8th grade, and sick of snow. Story of my life. Love you all. 

Friday, January 23, 2009


So the democrats want a tax evader to head the treasury department. Really? He is the best they could come up with?

And Obama is now handing over my money to groups that promote and perform abortions. And he wants to send all the terrorists home so they don't have to suffer in prison.

Really? These are the changes the american people have been hoping for?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

You know it's cold when you decide not to fill up your gas tank because you don't want to stand outside in the freezing cold air for more than 30 seconds. Looks like Friday will be the best day to fill up. Hope I don't have to go anywhere far until then.  

Friday, January 16, 2009

Favorite Christmas Gifts

Tanner gave me this for Christmas. He made it at pre-school. Mary and Joseph are made out of toilet paper rolls and the baby Jesus is made out of a packing peanut. Perfect. 

I have had a few friends comment on my nativity sets. One is fancy, one is sentimental, Several are for the kids to play with. This is definitely my favorite.
Tanner got a remote-control tarantula from Grandma and Grandpa. This gift definitely got the loudest scream of excitement. He had seen this several months ago in a catalog and talked about it for a month and then didn't talk about it during the weeks leading up until Christmas. We weren't sure if he would be excited. . . He was!  He has scared a few people with it and that has made him laugh. That is a "Lange" thing.
This is not a picture of a gift - but a "FIRST". Hannah attended her first stake dance while we were in Birmingham. She looked gorgeous in her new black dress (That she bought with her own money). And she went to a dance where she didn't really know people and had a great time. Her ease in new situations and willingness to meet new people is amazing to me. 
In October, Grace expressed a desire to be Santa Clause for Halloween. We looked for a costume and could not find one. I did not give this another thought. Her Grandma, remembered this desire and found one and gave it to Grace. She is counting the days until Halloween. She is trying to talk Tanner and some neighbors into going as reindeer.

Christmas Catch-Up 1

Our favorite moments of Christmas break included family, warm weather, sunshine and feeding fish and swans and ducks.

Grace took this picture of me and Steve. I love her reflection in Steve's sunglasses. We had fun on the boat with Dad, Tanner and Grace. The weather was sunny and the swans followed us all over the lake. Tanner loved feeding the swans. He would throw out a piece of bread to them and then shove a piece into his own mouth. 
While we were in Birmingham, we went to the "Zoo Lights" It is often TOO COLD to go to the zoo lights in Columbus - so we thought it would be awesome in the warm weather. When we first went to the zoo lights in columbus - we kind of laughed because the lights pale in comparison to temple square in Salt Lake City. Well, the lights at the Birmingham Zoo were about as amazing as the ones in our neighborhood. And I wouldn't pay to see the ones in our neighborhood. But at least it was warm. 
The day after Christmas we drove to Birmingham. Tanner is the only child we have that has annoyingly said, "Are we there yet?" In about the 8th hour of our drive he started to yell, "This is taking forever!" On our drive home - he started saying this about 30 minutes into our trip. The day after our trip - I took him to the grocery store. In aisle 2 he started to say, "this is taking forever!" Forever around here is getting shorter and shorter.
Christmas morning we had to wake up Tanner to go down to the tree. We had a fun morning and spent the whole day with just our family.