Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Day of School!

Today was everyone's last day of school. For Grace-it was her last day of elementary school! Grace received the presidential academic award yesterday at the fourth grade award ceremony. She has earned all As on her report card and did very well on the standardized testing. Her favorite part of every school day - has been her math class. Her teacher exudes excitement for learning and loves Grace. And if you love Grace - she will love you back and think you are the best!

Tanner will be a first grader when he gets off the bus today! I am so excited for him and all the things he has learned this year. His favorite part of school has been recess. Especially outdoor recess - where he chases girls. Mostly one girl. I hope it is good exercise. Maybe we should talk to him about the $500 kissing challenge this summer. . .

Hannah and Eliza are taking finals today. No parties or kickball tournaments for them today. But there will be relief when they come home. 3 months of freedom ahead. Time to make summer goals. . . There are some from last year that we didn't finish! Let summer begin!