Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Eliza!

I wrote about the day Eliza was born. That was on Friday, the day before her birthday. It was the longest post I have written . . . and it is stuck in the draft stage on blogspot. If anyone can help me get it out - I would be grateful. I am also trying to figure out pictures on our new computer. . . so until I have more time (besides the 3 hours already put into this over the last few days). . . 

I want to tell my daughter that I love her.  She amazes me and I am thankful that she is mine. 
We celebrated her birthday Saturday by going to the North Market after her art class. Rudy was here -so that made it more special. Grandma and Grandpa VK arrived Saturday night - so we celebrated more on Sunday with a gorgeous cake from our favorite bakery in Birmingham.

Eliza received good wishes from lots of family. Thank you! The one massage that we have listened to several times - was from my Grandma Van. She sings her own special version of Happy Birthday and it makes us feel special!