Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Unexpected Fun

Our family was planning a great conference weekend. We were all hanging out with my parents who were coming up for one last visit before they start their new calling at the temple in Birmingham. We were going to hang out in our sweats all weekend and listen to the timely messages we needed to hear. Hannah had invited some friends over to watch movies Saturday night. But then our plans changed. Hannah was elected to homecoming court and our nice relaxing weekend got pretty busy and a little crazy.
These two lovelies are part of a large cheering team my girls are blessed with. They teach them at church and listen to their worries and encourage them to stay on the straight and narrow. They came to the stadium on Friday to see Hannah walk across the field. Jenny and Amanda's husbands are great too. Their sacrifice of time does not go unnoticed.
Steve was in New York on Friday. There were storms on Friday and the airport was flooded. We prayed and prayed. But Steve did not make it home in time to walk with Hannah across the field. He did make it home safely. For that we were grateful. I was happy to get this picture of them together before she went to the dance and he went to the Priesthood session of conference. He deserves all the credit for her dress. He is the one who took her shopping the Saturday before. Have I mentioned that he is a super-shopper and I am not? I also cannot say enough that Steve is a great Dad. Not only does he shop with his girls - but he really enjoys being around them. And it shows. Hearing them all laughing in the kitchen as they swap stories and jokes is one of my favorite sounds.
Grace and Grandma at the football game. We noted that since Brock has been on a mission, Grandma has not been to a football game. We stayed long enough to see Hannah and as long as the Birmingham blood would allow. Grandma brought with her our favorite sweets from Savage Bakery. She also spent all of her 28 hours in our home - making it better. She folded laundry, cleaned and talked and listened to Tanner, Grace, Eliza and Hannah. AND ME.
Dad and me with Hannah. I was so happy Dad was there - so I didn't have to walk across the field alone. It was nice to have someone to laugh with when we saw Hannah's heels sinking into the grass as she walked in front of us down the 50 yard line. She wobbled a bit but laughed her way through it. While Dad was not on official homecoming duty - he took each of the kids on a date to their favorite places. And put several puzzles together with Tanner. He was busy!
Thanks to this boy, David, Hannah didn't fall on the field. They have been friends for a few years and was kind to be her escort.

It wasn't the weekend that we had expected. But it was fun to see Hannah honored this way.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Indian Run

A couple of weeks ago, Steve, Eliza, Grace and I "ran" the Indian Run in Hocking Hills. We arrived there around 9 am to check in. When I told the lady at registration who we were she oohhhed and ahhed and informed me that they had been talking about us the day before when they were preparing the registration packets. She couldn't believe that such a big family was running the race together. I couldn't believe that Steve and I with half of our children were considered a big family. She then told me that they had informed the media about us and they would likely like to talk to us. We got a good laugh over that and then loaded the bus to go to our starting point.

Our friends, Emily and Richard ran the 10k. Eliza and Steve ran the 5k. My friend Katie and I took Grace and her friends and hoped to briskly walk the 5k. 3 minutes into the race, one skinned her knee and had blood oozing all over. One wanted to stop and watch the fish jumping in the lake. On our way through the campground part of the trail, we stopped to ask for a bandaid. While there - we saw the bathrooms and decided to stop. Grace tells everyone that I dragged her over the finish line - she was so tired. So our brisk walk turned into some of the longest 5k finishes known to man. I think we beat the 60 year old couple who had a baby in a back pack.

So about the media. Steve crossed the finish line and a reporter approached him. She was sorely disappointed that we weren't all running together. Her photo-op moment was not going to happen. But I love this picture. It was a great day.