Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Hannah!

13 Things I love about Hannah: SHE:
1. is one of the kindest people I know.
2. is good at solving problems.
3. takes teasing well. (she can laugh at herself.)
4. understands sarcasm.
5. doesn't worry about what other people think about her
6. recognizes the good in other people and focuses on it
7. loves her siblings and isn't afraid to show it
8. wants to learn
9 knows that she needs her sleep
10 isn't afraid to make mistakes
11 knows what to do if she makes a mistake
12 doesn't mind being alone
13 SHE IS MINE and I am blessed

Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey Bowl

After dinner, while Grandpa did the dishes, we went bowling. We met some of our favorite people at Gahanna Lanes. We bowled. We ate pie and other yummy sweets. We laughed. My one regret - is that we didn't have more time to socialize. The bowling got in the way of my conversations. . . We will have to figure something out before next year. . .


We were so blessed to have Grandma and Grandpa here from Alabama and Rudy here from Chicago. We love watching our kids love their family. They were absolutely giddy all weekend. It started off on Tuesday night when Rudy arrived. Grace had been watching at the window for about an hour for his arrival. Grace and Tanner ran to his car screaming; "Rudy!, Rudy!" They climbed in before he could get it in park.

Mom and Dad arrived on Wednesday. The girls worked out a sleep-over schedule for staying with Mom and Dad at the hotel. Everyone wants their "one-on-one" with Grandma and Grandpa.

Rudy and Mom cooked most of the yummy feast. Our good friend Nelda joined us for dinner. We are grateful for the Gospel, Family/Friends, Health, Beauty of the Earth, and Learning new things every day.

Where is Grace?
5 points to the first person that can find Grace in the picture.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Editor Needed!

I just re-read my first post and see that I need to have a refresher course on editing skills!

I have been a blog - stalker for several months now. My favorite part of Christmas is receiving the long detailed/funny Christmas letters from friends. So reading blogs is like being able to do that year-round. It is wonderful -- yet I find myself drawn to blogs of people I don't even know. I actually have a few bookmarked on my computer. It is kind of like watching reality television. Kind of addicting. And kind of stalkerish.

I wrote a post about a week ago and decided to start a blog. When I couldn't edit it the way I wanted - I got frustrated and gave up. . . Until today. My sister-in-law Kalee started a blog and inspired me to write a new post and begin this new way of communication. I still don't know how to text on my cell phone and I can guarantee there will still be glaring mistakes on this blog. But I hope that this can be a way for our families and friends to stay close and in touch with what is going on in our lives . . .

A Very Good Place To Start

Halloween was pretty simple this year. Everyone but Tanner pulled together costumes from their closet or the dress-up box. Tanner wore his Power Ranger costume most of the month - so it was worth every penny we spent on it. Not to mention that there is nothing in the dress-up box that would make a 3 year old boy look tough.

Grace wanted to wear a shawl that my Grandma Rhees had made. Eliza went as an Buckeye Zombie. and Hannah was a . . . well it started out as a blond - but the wig was not what she wanted - so I think she was a teenager??? She took Grace and her friend out and she got candy
and she was happy.

Tanner spent the night with his "friend" Chloe. They held hands the whole night. They tell us that they are getting married in the temple someday. We are just hoping that he is potty-trained by then. . .