Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lessons from My Father

My first economics lesson took place when I was about 10. I remember talking to my Dad about why everyone didn't have the same amount of money. I innocently asked why the government didn't just print enough money for everyone to be rich. 

I don't remember exactly what my Dad said, but I knew that it would be bad for the economy and that it would take away people's incentive to work hard and that would take away the good feelings of accomplishment we can get from working hard. I knew that it wouldn't work. The Econ section of my college American Heritage class also taught that printing money would not help an economy. 

So why is the US trying to fix our ailing economy by printing money? Oh I know, some people will say that is not what they are really doing. But it is what they are doing. And it is not going to work. Money will be spread around. Some people will be better off for a season. Obama will get votes from people he spread the money to. And instead of my innocent dream of everyone being rich - everyone will be poorer. Except for a few.  Thanks for the lesson Dad. I wish others had wise dads to listen to. And I wish more who do have wise dads would listen to them.