Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mrs. Frost

On Sunday, while the whole family was in the kitchen, I asked Tanner about a project we had to do for preschool. This was the conversation:

T: Mrs. Kilgore and Mrs. Frost gave us a leaf to decorate.

Me: Do you mean Mrs. Ross?

T: No! Mrs. Frost!

Me: Tanner, your teacher's name is Mrs. Ross.

T: I call her Mrs. Frost.

The girls all looked at him. Steve asked Tanner if Mrs. Frost calls him Billy. At first Tanner was mad about the giggles from the girls. Then he just shrugged it off and muttered, "I call her Mrs. Frost." All day yesterday, the girls called Tanner, Billy. He didn't seem to care. I hope Mrs. Ross doesn't care.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Would you eat here?

While in Cincinnati last month we were looking for a place to eat breakfast. Would this place lure you in with its catchy name? I know squirrels aren't the usual roadkill we see in Ohio - but I can't help picturing dead squirrels when I see this sign. And restaurant names often give an indication of what you will be eating there. At Hoggys we eat pork. . . at Longhorn we eat steak. . . Pollo Loco we eat chicken. . . you get the idea.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What About the Cowboy?

Grace was the star of Trick or Treating in our neighborhood this year! When was the last time you saw Santa on halloween? (Department Stores don't count!) So people were a little surprised to see this little Santa on this "Beggars Night!" (local tradition, two days before halloween. . . don't get me started. . . ) People called out and said, "Great costume!"

At the beginning of the night Tanner yelled right back, "Thanks!" Steve noticed that as the night went on, Tanner realized that people were pretty much just talking to Grace. Several people wanted their picture with her. Finally, some adult dressed up as Bert (Bert and Ernie) yelled from across the street, "Love your costume, Santa!" Without hesitation, Tanner put both arms in the air and hollered back, "What about the cowboy?"

What about the cowboy? His mom didn't get a picture of his red cowboy boots - but his Dad did draw an awesome mustache on his face. (Tanner wishes he had done it with a Sharpie.) So the cowboy got a lot of candy and will be fine. But I wish he could have stayed innocent the whole night, believing everyone was cheering for him.

I'm glad Grace had the star treatment for the night. It was a joy to listen to Grace tell my Mom (the one who gave her the whole costume) about how much fun she had being Santa. I can safely say, that for my Mom, who cares very little for this event called Halloween, this was the best Halloween ever.