Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Golden Friendships

When your children are small, there is a great need for friendships that will help you survive those crazy thoughts you have. Like: "Why did I pray for this life with these children? Will I ever finish a meal and not have to clean up the floor and wipe down the chairs? Am I really meant for motherhood?"

I've been blessed with friends who remind me to find the joy in motherhood. Utah gave me the chance to meet up with some of these friends:

Tara. Tara was one of the first people we met in South Pasadena. Her daughter Morgan called my toddlers Hannahliza. She showed me the ropes of California living. She was the first person I knew that actually cooked polenta at home. When we lived by each other - she had a Disneyland pass and would sometimes go there for lunch. We worked together in Young Women and her sense of humor kept me sane as I was dragging my toddlers to every YW activity while my husband was in grad school.
This moment was a tender mercy. Steve and I were walking around BYU campus with Tanner. And I heard this lady say my name. I looked closer and it was Tara with her gorgeous children and Mom! We had not seen each other for 9 years.
Michelle. Michelle and I worked together. We were in the same ward. We were pregnant together. Our babies were born a few months apart. I think after I quit work, we talked to each other on the phone almost every morning. I have pictures of these cute girls wearing princess dresses playing in the sandbox together.  Michelle is an incredible seamstress and still sitting in our dress-up box, are two twirly skirts she made for my girls. The skirts were their favorite dress-ups because they were so fun to dance in.

There have been so many friends who have helped me through those rough spots of mothering. I know I have been blessed and I am still being blessed blessed with people (not all are mothers) in my life who help me be a better mom. To all of you - I say THANK YOU!

A Few of My favorite Things About Utah

Spending time with the Kimballs. Sara and I were roommates in College. Our parents were friends in college and we are hoping our children will be college roommates. We wish they lived closer. . . We were lucky enough to be in Salt Lake at the same time and spend a day together. We took our kids to the art museum at BYU. 
Spending time with the Caldwells. I remember when each of the Caldwell children were born and they remember when all of my kids were born. They have 3 girls and one boy and so do we. Stepping into their home for dinner was like we have never been apart. Catching up and watching all the kids play spoons was great fun. I wish we could do it more often!
Spending time with the Woods. We miss them in Ohio. Tanner could not stop giving Shelby hugs. We spent time at temple square with them and also at their home in Santaquin. I highly recommend the church art exhibit at the conference center. Tanner spent his time telling Shelby and her friend how he created each piece of art.  
Spending time with my parents and the Stringhams. Uncle Butch and Aunt Karen hosted a wonderful dinner for us and then we went to the stadium of fire on the 4th. I love to see all these girls together. The time was too short. And I wish I had a picture of Butch and Karen. 

Spending time with all the Langes. We hiked to Donut Falls. Went to the zoo on the busiest day of the year. Enjoyed spa services (in Amy's dining room). Rocked out to rock band. Analyzed the color of our personalities. And pondered where to meet in two years.  

My kids loved "living" with and down the street from cousins for the month. Their aunts and uncles are wonderful and we wish they had a daily influence on their lives. So we soaked up what we could and it will have to last for a little while.