Saturday, December 4, 2010


One of my best memories of high school choir is singing this music with a large crowd. Chills every time.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Best $500 I Ever Spent

I've been pondering whether or not to share this happy news because in some parenting and psychology circles this may be looked at as bad parenting or just bad living. Some may even call it betting or bribing which is not something I condone. I don't even do raffles at school functions or support the bingo for money fundraisers. But this girl accepted a bet/bribe from her parents. And on her 16th birthday we had to pay up.

When Hannah and Eliza were 11 and 12 we made a deal with them. If they made it to the age of 16 without kissing a boy - we would pay them $500. If they make it to 18 - they get another $500. Hannah has assured us this will be the only payout. Eliza declared that she will get the full $1000. Eliza asked us if there could be a payout at an even later date. We made it clear that kissing and boys are something we do want for her future. Just not now.

Our goal is that our children will highly value their kisses and more importantly their hearts. We could just teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves. But I have to say - that $500 has been a great conversation starter about relationships and standards. And we have talked A LOT about the types of boys to date. (That is another post - let's just say that when Steve starts in on this one - the girls roll their eyes and I smile to myself because I know it is embedded in their brain.) There is a very true reason our prophets have urged our children to not date before they are 16 and to not be in serious relationships until later. The world teaches our youth that intimacy is to be experienced at a young age - that it is part of growing up. I am grateful for prophets who guide our lives towards simplicity and happiness.