Friday, February 25, 2011


Sirens were going off about thirty minutes ago. And they caused a knot in my stomach. My oldest child, who recently got her drivers licence has my 2 youngest in the car with her. They are running an errand and getting frosties. So how long will sirens make me feel like this? Will it be the same amount of time I spent gritting my teeth and gripping the door while she learned how to drive? Or will this feeling last until they all leave for college?


Mo said...

You crack me up Anne. I think it is easier when you are not in the car with them because you can't see all the stupid mistakes they are making. I just keep reminding myself that 99.99% of other drivers do not want to get in an accident so if my child makes a driving error the other driver will be savvy enough to avoid a collision. The other .01% ? I just pray for... We need to get together soon.

Michelle said...

I'm with Mo. But I also grip the seat tightly and pray that all the other drivers out there said their prayers this morning!!