Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lost Child

I haven't really lost her - but she has pointed out that the blog is definitely missing her presence! So this is for Eliza. I want her to feel loved and not left out! These are some of my favorite pictures of her. Each picture shows a small part of her personality.

Eliza shows her emotions. Her face - cannot hide what she is thinking or feeling. Lucky for us - her gorgeous smile indicates her most often expressed emotion - joy. Eliza laughs easily. If I were to make a soundtrack of my life - it would include her laugh (as well as the sound of her gagging every time she brushes her teeth!)

Eliza Is not afraid of imagination. From the time she was little - Eliza could use her imagination to keep herself entertained for hours! Now that she is older - she uses her imagination to entertain others.

Eliza loves to read. This picture was taken on the day she dared to cut off most of her hair. She was bold to do it. But after it was done -- she went back to her reading. Her favorite gift this year was a kindle. She is usually happiest when she is in the middle of a great book/story. This picture makes me smile.


J & M Squared said...

I love you Eliza! You definitely aren't lost in anyone's book, especially your Mom's.

Amy said...

I was just talking about Eliza the other day. The topic of babysitters came up, and I mentioned how my favorite babysitter was in Ohio, and her name is Eliza, and how my girls loved her, and how she told great stories, and wasn't afraid to have fun and be silly with them.

Michelle said...

She is so darling. What a wonderful person!