Monday, May 16, 2011

Tanner's Soccer Fans

Tanner is playing soccer. I know its not supposed to be funny but I think at this age it is. At this game we watched Tanner down his entire water bottle during the first of 6 periods. In this league they don't keep score - but Tanner and his teammates know that they have won every game - by a landslide. And Tanner is a head taller than everyone on the field. He has learned a lot and its fun to see them actually pass the ball to each other and move the ball down the field to score. But often - kids are going the wrong way. Some get tired and sit down. Some are still afraid of the ball. It is funny. I hope we don't offend any one with all our laughter. Mom and Dad and Rudy were in town and got to cheer Tanner on this week. And laugh a little too.

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