Monday, May 16, 2011

Impulse Purchase

Hannah and I love to stop in at a nearby antique mall. Today we were looking for a nightstand for her room. But she found these lovely dresses instead. The funny thing is -- I remember having a pink dress very similar to this when I was about 5. I don't remember why - but I remember a picture of a wedding party and the bridesmaids were all in sherbet colored lace dresses with shiny satin bows. I will have to call Mom and see if any of this memory is true?

As the girls tried them on - they both complained about the smell. The antique mall has a smell to it. But as I walk down memory lane, listening to 60's music and point out to Hannah - all the things my grandparents, parents and aunts and uncles owned - we bond. She is in the process of re-decorating her room. Most everything in it - we bought second-hand and it has been re-done in some way. I will have to post pictures when we are finished - but I am always amazed at the things she loves and her ideas for making old things new.

Where should they wear these? If only we had found these beautiful dresses before prom!


Amy said...

Very Cute. They would have matched my girls for Easter.

Amanda said...

I LOVE Liza's face in the bottom picture. Not so sure of it. :)

Larissa said...

AWESOME!!! Just, that awesome.

SLCNOBIS said...

Look at Jennifer Stone/Mckay's wedding pictures, those are the exact dresses we all wore in peach.